Oh man. Where to even begin?

I had the serious honor of being hired by Kristen and Simon to shoot their spring wedding this April over in Sarasota when this gorgeous girl referred me to them last month, and the moment Kristen and I started talking on the phone, I knew I would love them both.

This engagement session worked out perfectly, as they live in Tampa and I was visiting for a couple of days while Trent took the bar. We met up at the unique Fort De Soto Park in St. Pete where we were given some of the most magical golden hour light.

You guys, Florida is the insane when it comes to magic hour I tell you.

Add crashing waves from the ocean and stretched out piers made out of rocks? I may argue that this is in fact, not real life.

I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to meet clients who are down to create and just be during these sessions. When you let go of the pressure of feeling like everything needs to be perfect, and instead find beauty in the wind taking over your hair, the waves getting you wet, or the in between moments while you move from point A to point B – you create authentic, genuine exchanges between two people who love each other enough to find complete satisfaction and comfort in the mundane, day-to-day movements.

Kristen and Simon are the real deal.

Their love is on fire and their chemistry is undeniable, and I for one am so lucky to have been able to capture them in their most organic element – wrapped up in each other (and their sweet pup, Chokie)

April 15th can’t come soon enough – x.

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